Train trip to Norway and Sweden

Aug. 24-Sept. 6, 2007

Here are some photos of our backpacking trip through Scandinavia. We used Eurail passes to get around by train, and went with Louise's brother Joe and his wife Lynn from Toronto. Lynn took the really good photographs on this page. Well done, Lynn!


Our itinerary:

Copenhagen, Denmark

G˘teborg, Sweden

Oslo, Norway for 2 nights

Bergen, Norway for 3 nights

Lillehammer, Norway for 1 night

Andalsnes, Norway for 3 nights (although Brian left from there to return to work)

Trondheim, Norway

Ostersund, Sweden for 1 night

Stockholm, Sweden for 3 nights

back to Copenhagen


Joe and Lynn spent a month in Europe, starting in Copenhagen, toured Sweden and Norway with us, then journeyed on to Holland and Germany.


Joe and Louise in front of Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, where the Queen of Denmark lives.


Joe and Brian in G˘teborg, Sweden with a statue of local legend Charles Lindburg (not the American aviator).


An interesting statue by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). This was one of several hundred statues in a beautiful outdoor park in Oslo.


A beautiful valley seen on the train ride from Oslo west to Bergen, Norway. It's been voted as the best train journey in the world, and reaches a height of 1,222 metres before descending back to sea level. Note the snow on top of the mountains.


The 4 of us overlooking Bergen, Norway.


A waterfall near the big fjord at Flňm, Norway.


Lillehammer, Norway is famous not only for hosting the 1994 winter Olympic games. It features an outdoor museum of farm and rural buildings brought in from all over Norway, like this one. We toured the museum before taking the scenic rail journey to Andalsnes.


An aerial view of Andalsnes, Norway. This picture is from a tourist brochure. We stayed in a private B&B home for 3 nights and toured the area by bus and on foot.


The 2 of us hiking around Andalsnes. This surprisingly large, flat field was used by the Allied Forces as a base in WWII.


A beautiful valley captured on film by Lynn on the Trollsvejen road.


Joe and Louise hiking near Geiranger.


A bird's eye view of the famous Geiranger Fjord.

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