Trip to Iceland, June 26-30, 2009

On our summer trip to Canada, we flew via Iceland Air and took advantage of the break in the journey to spend 4 days in Iceland. We booked the accommodation and tours ourselves.


First stop was the Hotel Smara which was a new hotel in the suburbs of Reykjavik, the capital.


The centre of Reykjavik has a few really modern buildings and construction cranes, but much of the building work was at a standstill due to the financial crisis.


Here's a view along one of the older streets downtown.


The maximum temperature in June was 17 deg. but it was warm enough to bring out a few flowers. The rocks in the stone wall are volcanic.


In the Reykjavik town hall, visitors can see a huge topographical map of Iceland. The island is as big as England, so there was alot to explore. There are glaciers in the interior.


In one of the museums, we saw this old photo of a hot spring. It was used by Reykjavik residents to do their laundry.


The hot spring (shown in the picture above) has now been turned into this outdoor pool (admission $3). We had a great swim here.


Some modern art in front of the conference centre.


Brian keeping fit.


We attended an organ concert at the main cathedral in downtown Reykjavik. We didn't take a picture of the outside of the building, because it was covered in scaffolding.


The next day, we took a bus tour to the country and saw this view of the sea coast.


90 minutes drive later, we saw this natural geyser which spouted water and steam every 4 minutes.


On our final day, we stopped by the famous Blue Lagoon on our way to the airport. The water is 38 deg. and the lagoon is the out-flow from a nearby geothermal power plant.


Our swim in the Blue Lagoon was wonderful, very relaxing (admission $32 each).


From my window seat on the flight to Canada, we could see mountains in Greenland and big pieces of ice off the coast.


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